NYE or National Youth Education

1. What is it?

NYE or National Youth Education is a program established through the partnership of Keeping Teachers Teaching Foundation aimed to introduce and train high school students interested in becoming classroom teachers.  

* Each student carefully chosen to participate in NYE will be given a laptop, a mentor who will answer questions and give expert advice about the teaching profession and prepare them with the skills they need prior to entering college.   

* NYE students will shadow with their mentors, learn the broad options in teaching, salaries, benefits, various curriculum as well as the challenges they’ll face and how to overcome them.  The purpose is to create excitement at all the opportunities within the teaching profession.  

* Students also have the opportunity to shadow with teachers in several schools throughout the state and get a tour of the community colleges, private and state universities in Arizona. 

* Students receive training from Microsoft on the latest software that will be used in the classrooms.  

* Hand picked group of local entrepreneurs will be sharing their expertise to cultivate the students’ passion into a possible business.

2. Why it’s important

The NEA or National Education Association has reported the growing teaching shortage across the U.S. The Leaning Policy Institute (LPI), who has sounded the alarm about the teacher shortage in a number of reports, defines a shortage as “the inability to staff school at current wages with individuals qualified to teach in the fields required.” 

KTT wants to create a pipeline for up and coming high school students to spark a greater passion in our youth to become teachers as well as provide them the resources they’ll need, including reducing student loan debt or eliminating it through the student loan forgiveness program.  

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