Strive-To-Thrive Total Wellness For Teachers.

Strive to Thrive Total Wellness for teachers is a program established through the partnership of Keeping Teachers Teaching Foundation and longevity as a method to combat teacher some of the challenges teachers face in the classroom. The Strive to Thrive Program incorporates proven, evidence-based activities that are designed to enhance academic learning and student outcomes during a Teacher’s typical work day. The program components are based on a comprehensive model of wellness to include physical, psychological and environmental well-being.

An energetic teacher will have a positive attitude and by having a positive attitude will set the stage for a healthy classroom environment where teachers are operating at their highest energy levels, which will reciprocate, equip and help them to easily overcome any personal mental or physical challenges. KTT believes that an attentive student encountering and energetic Teacher is a true recipe for producing peak student performance. This strategy provides a unique total wellness program catering specifically to teachers and their unique needs and challenges. KTT and Longevity’s main goal is to assist teachers in becoming the best educators they can be by increasing their energy levels throughout the day, increasing their personal health and wellness, and doing so at no cost to the teachers.