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With Employment Lawyer Joshua Black

Jul 24, 2020 3PM Arizona Time

Employment Lawyer

Joshua Black

About Joshua C. Black

Joshua is an Arizona employment attorney who works with his clients to resolve workplace disputes.  Joshua is an advocate for his clients in all matters of employment conflict and regularly represents clients in matters of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and wage disputes.

After working in a traditional full-service law firm, Joshua opened the Law Office of Joshua Black, PLC in 2016.  The Law Office of Joshua Black, PLC is a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on employment disputes.  Joshua and his team make it their mission to help Arizona employees fight discrimination and mistreatment in the workplace.  Joshua and his team believe that one of the most important things an employment lawyer can do is to give employees a voice when they would otherwise have none.

Joshua regularly represents his clients in both state and federal court and appears in agency proceedings before the DOL, EEOC, ACRD, and the NLRB.  Joshua has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for his clients and more importantly has held Arizona employers accountable for their actions.  

Joshua also makes media appearances related to employment law and has been a guest on FOX10, 3TV/CBS 5, NBC 12, KJZZ, KTAR, and other news stations discussing employee rights.

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